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Monday, May 27, 2019

Music Monday

This week's theme:

Songs about "Heaven or Hell"! 

Let's start with some Zeppelin.

And then we'll take another trip:

You know the joke -- that there's a "Stairway to Heaven" and a "Highway to Hell" tells you about the expected traffic patterns for each.

And just who lives in Hell?

And if there is a devil,, there must also be an angel:

And to close out the set:


  1. Nice set. Hadn't heard "Angel" in years.

  2. I hadn't heard Angel in years, either. Needed some relief after listening to Sympathy for the Devil and knowing what happened later during the Rolling Stones' set (during "Under My Thumb" - I had to look it up.) Yes, the traffic patterns indeed - and two of my favorite songs, at that. I totally forgot about the Belinda Carlisle song - it was a perfect ending. I'm cynical enough to think if heaven existed somewhere on earth, we humans would find a way to destroy it. Alana

  3. Very lovely set. Love the songs. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hell songs are so much more intresting cos headbanging music is better than ballads. Cool set of tunes.

  5. All great songs and one of local cemetery there a headstone with stairwell going up to heaven.
    I thought it was interesting.
    Coffee is on

  6. My Songbird,

    I love the direction you took this week's theme! Great mewsic selection. You had me chair boogieing. Thanks for hitting the dance floor with us! Have a furtastic week, my dear!

  7. I love how you did this theme, adding the devil and angel songs. That was cool. I haven't heard Madonna's "Angel" in ages! Great set.
    Hope you liked the theme.

    Michele at Angels Bark