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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Wednesday HodgePodge

Once again, Joyce poses some interesting questions.

1. We've reached edition number 315 here in the Wednesday Hodgepodge. So tell us, what were you doing at 3:15 yesterday? Is that typical? On a scale of 1-10 (with 1 being low and 10 being high) what's your energy level usually like at 3:15 PM?

At 3:15 I am usually sitting at my desk, reading email, drafting reports, or speaking on the phone with attorneys or clients.  Just a typical workday.  My energy is starting to lag around that time, so I might be drinking a Diet Pepsi and eating a small snack while I work.

2. A frisbee, a tantrum, a towel, a party, a punch, or a curveball...which have you most recently thrown or had thrown at/for you? Elaborate.

A punch.  Definitely a punch.  The frustration of having to clean up after a former coworker...

3. What are three things that would help you right now. Tell us how or why.

That's easy.  A personal assistant at work, to handle all the mundane parts of my job.  A housekeeper.  And time.  More time to get everything done.

4. Do you think you're strong? Why or why not? What makes you strong?

I never thought of myself as strong, until I realized that others were looking to me for strength in difficult times.

5. Do you enjoy reading historical fiction? What's your favorite book set sometime in the past?

Anything by Philippa Gregory would be fine with me.

6. Insert your own random thought here.

I really need to de-stress.


Liz A. said...

Um... #2. Need to hear that story ;)

songbird's crazy world said...

No real story, I punched a pillow. Guy in my office retire last month, I got a number of his files. We are in a paperless environment, so all documents must be electronically attached to the file. Guess who never bothered to attach documents to his files?

Life SPW said...

One never knows the level of their strength until they are called upon to use it. It's not unlike faith in that way. I enjoyed reading your answers today.
By way of introduction, I am a fellow Wednesday Hodgepodger. My blog page was listed next to yours so I'm stopping by to say "hello!"

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