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Monday, July 10, 2017

Photobucket woes

This blog is (surprise, surprise) heavy on photography.

Sometimes I will upload photos directly to Blogger.  Blogger is a Google platform, and photos that I upload to Blogger are hosted by Google.

But sometimes I upload my pictures to Photobucket, and use a link to display them on the blog.

And therein lies the problem.

Photobucket has made a huge, huge change to its services.

Photobucket always allowed customers to have a free account, which included photo storage and third party hosting.  For a small monthly fee, you could increase your storage space.  I opted for the nominal fee, $2.99 a month.

A new policy went into effect two weeks ago.  No third party hosting unless you pay for the most expensive storage plan, at a cost of $400 a year.

My friends with free accounts were told of the change the night before it went into effect.

As a paying customer, I've been "grandfathered in", I get to keep my third party hosting until a December 2018.  After that, I have to upgrade my account if I want to keep my ability to link my photos to other sites.

Not cool, Photobucket.

Looks like I've got to go through 9 years of blog posts to download and upload photos ...


bookworm said...

That really (excuse the expression) sucks. That is why I store all my photos on my computer and upload them directly from my computer. I won't even upload them to Amazon (as a Prime member, I get unlimited photo storage). They can change the terms of service at any time. Alana

Unknown said...

I had uploadd my photos directly into Blogger. The woman who designed my blog, however, created a signature and graphics that were hosted on Photobucket. She's given me the original artwork, but I have to go back into EVERY post that included the signature (back to 2008) and delete the signature.

It is motivation to port everything over to a new blog page, though

Liz A. said...

I heard about this. Another blogger spent a week or so updating her whole blog because of the fiasco. They did this badly, and I think they'll pay for it in the end.

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