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Sunday, July 30, 2017

Another this and that

So it's been crazy busy at work.  I know, I know, it's job security. But I've had many a frustrating moment these last few weeks.  I hope to reap the rewards in my performance review at the end of the year.  A little monetary appreciation would be nice, too.

Becca is excited about changes in her professional life.  She's not satisfied working as a paralegal, and plans to take a few business classes in the fall.  She just got her certification as a Pilates instructor -- not a bad side gig.

Jen is also changing direction.  She's leaving education as a career, but she's not sure where she's going.  She's interviewing in various places.  I'm hoping she finds something she likes, and that pays a decent salary.

I am deep into plannng the synagogue's annual Mitzvah Day.  We do all sorts of projects -- assemble toiletry kits for the homeless, making sandwiches for a soup kitchen, sending greeting cards to soldiers...

Mitzvah Day is in October.  So is the annual breast cancer walk sponsored by the American Cancer Society.  And I'm sure my Democratic Committee friends will keep me busy that month as we work towards the local elections. And I'm wondering what I have gotten myself into ...

Sigh.  If I weren't busy, I'd be bored, but sometimes ...

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Liz A. said...

Just find times to take a deep breath, and enjoy the busy. Take care.

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