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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

I'm talking baseball...

The glass ceiling shattered Tuesday night.  It was a wonderful night in Philadelphia. 

But I wasn't watching the proceedings on TV.  We had tickets for a baseball game.

Or rather, two games.  We had tickets for a single game Tuesday night, Mets vs. Cardinals.  The Mets game scheduled for Monday night was rained out, so last night they played a single-admission double header.

We had great seats, on the third base line, over the visiting team dugout. There were a handful of Cardinals fans in the stands, and they were all seated in our section.  Stands were half empty for the first game, which began shortly after 4:00 in the afternoon.  Packed house for the second game.

 The weather cooperated, neither too hot nor too cold. 

I wore my Mike Piazza jersey, he's being honored this weekend, his number will be retired.

Syndergaard pitched the first game.  Usually he's a joy to watch, but this time around he struggled.  and he committed a fielding error that cost him the game.  Game was slow to watch, with a few brief moments of excitement.  They lost 3-2.

Colon pitched the second game, which was a more interesting game.  They won 3-1. 

The view from our seats -- yes, that is a plane over the Coca Cola sign, he's landing at La Guardia.

Pennants flying:

Number 31 will be added this weekend:

And the jets just kept on coming:



bookworm said...

The last major league game I've ever been to was one of the games of the 1986 World Series, at Shea. Nothing since. But I do go to minor league (B-Mets) games usually once or twice, every other year. And, this year, I got to see Jose Reyes (I also saw him when he was coming up - he played for the B-Mets) preparing to reenter major league baseball. Alana

songbird's crazy world said...

That's right, they've got a minor league team in your neck of the woods. You get to see the talent before they come up.

And of course I'm jealous that you got to see one of the 1986 games up close and personal. Though I did get to see the victory parade down Broadway, I was working in lower Manhattan at the time.

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