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Thursday, July 28, 2016

and more baseball

Last night we headed over to Bethpage Ballpark for a Ducks game.  Or rather, a Ducks doubleheader.

To backtrack: 

We make it a habit to see 7 Ducks games every year, one game against each team in the Atlantic League.   We try to go when there's a promotional giveaway, or when they schedule Grucci fireworks after the game.  Wednesday night was Grucci fireworks night.

When we purchased our tickets for last night's game, we had no idea that someone would give us Mets tickets for Tuesday night's game, nor that Tuesday night's game would become a doubleheader due to Monday night's rain.

When we purchased the tickets for last night's game, it was supposed to be a single game against the New Britain Bees.  But, just like the Mets, the Ducks were rained out Monday night.  They decided not to turn their Tuesday afternoon game into a doubleheader, but instead, they would play two games Wednesday night. Game one would start at the usual time (6:35), but would be shortened to 7 innings.  The fireworks would follow game one, and game two (also a 7 inning game) would be played after the fireworks.  Oh, and since Monday night was "drawstring backpack" night, the first 1500 fans to enter the ballpark would receive a backpack. 

Our seats were excellent, field level, just one row back from the visiting team dugout. 

And the team mascot, Quackerjack, was in fine form:

They played with all the usual hoopla.  The crowd was very appreciative.  The Ducks won, of course.  9-2.  the Bees, the newest team in the league, were badly outmatched. 

Most people left right after the fireworks, or in the early innings of the second game.

Interestingly, both teams changed into another uniform for the second game:

by the last few innings of the game, the stands were virtually empty.  Seriously, there couldn't have been more than 150 people in the stands.  They cut out a lot of shtick, and just played the game.

The game ended just before  midnight, another ducks victory.

I'm drinking a magic potion today, it's made from beans and it's called "coffee", and it's the only thing keeping me human....

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