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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Another this and that

So the annual 4th of July barbecue has come and gone.  We ate too much food, as always.  And there are a ton of leftovers.  But it was good to see everyone, as always.

The friend I'm worried about, the one who has issues with her foot, was able to come. She's still being treated for her issues, but she's healing well.  I was so happy to see her.

But another friend told me that she's got issues, now, too.  She's going for a biopsy next week.  Prayers have been said.

Drew is dealing with a very bad cold, the coughing...I think he may be developing a case of bronchitis.  Not good. 

Kind of puts my own troubles into perspective.  My  car, my "baby" ... I bought the car in May 1995, a brand new 1995 Corolla in sand pebble beige.  I was so proud of that car!  It's 21 years old now, with 196,000 miles on it, and it needs a repair that will cost more than the book value of the car.  I knew it was coming....but still...


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