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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Weight loss dilemma 2005 I had a very bad health issue.  A year of hell. And some really great doctors who got me through it.

And immediately afterwards, I decided to do something to improve my health, to improve my life.  I joined Weight Watchers.  In 2006-2007 I lost 70 pounds. And then I fell off the wagon, so to speak, and in 2008 I regained 40 pounds.  My New Year's resolution in 2009 was to lose those 40 pounds and continue to lose weight until I hit my goal.    But I never got my head in the game.  Not only didn't I lose those 40 pounds, I gained another...well, at least another 40.

Lesson learned.  I'm sticking with it this time.

But here's my dilemma (and it's kind of nice to have this "problem").

I've lost almost 50 pounds.  All my winter clothes are big on me.

But we are more than halfway through winter.  I don't want to buy new stuff that I'll wear for just a few weeks.  It's not like I'll wear them again next year, I plan to make my goal weight this time.

And I can't go shopping in my closet.  The size I wear now...yes, I wore this size back in 2008-2009.   But I gave all of that size away right after Hurricane Sandy.  A friend of a friend lost everything when the storm flooded her basement apartment,she needed jeans and sweaters, and I wasn't wearing those things, so I sent them to her.

But the good news is, if I lose another 10 pounds by April, I have a ton of things I will be able to wear ...

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