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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

History In The Making

I'm very passionate about politics, but until recently I've kept my politics out of this blog.

But this year, I'm finding that I can't stay silent. This year's presidential election is far too important.

You may have guessed, from that little piece I wrote on Ted Cruz, that I'm not a Republican.

Let me be perfectly clear. I support Hillary Clinton. I liked her as First Lady, I was proud to vote for her for US Senate, I was crushed in 2008 when she lost the nomination to Barack Obama. I plan to vote for her in the NYS primary in April.

But last night I felt a thrill, a thrill I haven't felt since Al Gore chose Joe Lieberman as his running mate.

Bernie Sanders. Born in Brooklyn, to Polish Jewish immigrants. Bernie Sanders, whose youthful experiences include living on an Israeli kibbutz.

Last night, Bernie Sanders became the first Jewish candidate to win a presidential primary.

I am bursting with ethnic pride.

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