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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Supermarket shopping workout

So I came home this afternoon after a weekend at Drew's house to discover that "there's no food in the house" and could I possibly do some grocery shopping?

OK, make a shopping list.

One problem:  it's Easter Sunday.  Will the market be open?

So I took the list and headed to my usual supermarket, only to discover it had closed at 3 PM, and it was now 4:30.

OK, I decided to see if my second-favorite market is open.  Drive over there . . .yes!  Only problem, it's 4:40, and the store will close at 5:00.

Time for some speed shopping!

Got about half of the items on the list.  Yes, we will be able to eat today.

Driving home, I realized there's a new store in the neighborhood.  Not a traditional supermarket, more like a produce store with lots of organic foods, lots of prepared foods, and a few grocery products.  I'd never stopped there before . . . OMG it was still open . . .

Half an hour later, my shopping was complete.

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