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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Office gossip

There is always one person, in any large organization, who makes life "interesting".

In our office we have an individual I shall call "Grumpy".

He's been with the company for many years, been with our department for several years. Before I met him I heard gossip the he was weird, antisocial.

Then he started working with my group, and he seemed fairly normal and likable.

He ran into some problems both personally and professionally. At work there were some issues with his performance and his job was on the line. He was dealing with this while also trying to handle the aftermath of a car accident that left him in need of orthopedic surgery.

So he took a leave of absence to deal with his medical issues -- surgery and physical therapy.

The problems started when he came back.

He had asked for more leave time, and was denied.

So he came back with the proverbial chip on his shoulder. The day he came back, when I tried to welcome him back, he looked at me, rolled his eyes and ignored me. He was similarly dismissive of every coworker. Wouldn't talk to anyone unless he had to.

I haven't spoken to him since, and that was months ago.

I found out this week that I am not alone. No one has any use for him.

You have to wonder about a guy like that.

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