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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Demon cat

In medieval times cats were considered evil, the companions of witches, demons in disguise.

Now I understand why.

In a way you can't really blame Duchess. Her routine has been compromised, her domain invaded.

Last weekend Drew had a houseguest. And tonight he hosted a Seder, which meant furniture was rearranged to accommodate dinner guests.

Duchess was sleeping in the office when Nina and I walked in there to have a chat. Poor cat realized there was a STRANGER in the house and got spooked. We didn't notice which direction she ran.

After dinner we all realized that no one had seen the cat all evening. So we all started looking for her. Under the beds -- no luck. Under the dresser-- no cat. She wasn't in her favorite window. She wasn't in the upstairs bathroom. We checked all the closets, several times. Even went outside, in the rain, to look in the yard and under the cars.

Three different people checked the closet in the office, no cat.

And then Marc went onto the office to put leftovers in the spare refrigerator.

And guess who popped out of the closet as if nothing had happened?

She came out when she was good and ready.

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