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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Olive Garden and a movie

Had a $25 gift card, so Saturday night we headed out to Olive Garden. Very very busy place.we felt lucky to find a place to park near the restaurant. Our "45 minute wait" turned out to be considerably shorter -- maybe 20 minutes.

As long as you remember that this is a chain, not a mom and pop Italian place or elegant cuisine, you will be fine.

Our waiter was apparently new on the job -- very attentive but a little nervous.

I ordered prosecco, which was served in a wine glass adorned with a strawberry.
Drew had red sangria, served with lots of fruit garnish. Breadsticks were soft and garlicky. Salad is a nice mix of lettuce and vegetables, with a standard Italian dressing and a generous portion of croutons.

We ordered an Italian sampler appetizer. - stuffed mushrooms had a nice mixture of crabmeat and cheese, fried mozzarella was crisp and flavorful, but the calamari was chewy. Sigh.

Drew had his usual seafood Afredo -- shrimp and scallops in a creamy sauce. I had chicken parmigiana - two cutlets, breaded and fried, and topped with just enough cheese and sauce to be tasty but not overwhelming.

Leftovers came home with us, too full for dessert.

And now we are settling in with a DVD. Believe it or not, I've never seen any of the X-Men films, and with anew blockbuster set to open this summer . . . Well, I am being "educated".

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