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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Scott Shannon, once more

It seems the rumors are true, Scott and Todd were not getting along, and Todd apparently pushed Scott out because he wanted it to be "The Todd Show".

So now I listen to Scott and a bunch of people who used to be on WPLJ -- Joe Nolan, Patty Steele, Brad Blanks -- along with Mr. G the weatherman, who's been on WCBS since Harry Harrison was the morning mayor. It feels comfortable and familiar.

Even had a laugh the other morning when Scott "slipped", and accidentally gave the WPLJ call letters while announcing the time.

 I was never an Opie and Anthony fan, never listened even before they went to satellite radio, but I found this clip on YouTube, Scott called into their show the Friday before he started his show on WCBS. Opie and Anthony had nothing nice to say about Todd. Scott remained a gentleman about the whole situation.

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