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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Pastrami Plus

As I've mentioned before, I am genetically programmed to crave Jewish deli.  It is the soul food of my people.

So when Drew suggested we grab a bite at Pastrami Plus, I was out the door and in the car before he finished buttoning his coat.

Pastrami Plus is a very unpretentious place.  As in, it's a hole in the wall.  A deli counter, a handful of tables and a few ancient posters on the walls.  To be honest, most folks order take-out. We usually do take out, too, but on this particular night we chose to dine in.
Service here is . .  . well, the young lady who was serving customers at the counter also waits tables, so don't expect white glove service, but she was pleasant and got the job done.

Be advised, the restaurant is "kosher style", not strictly kosher, but you'd never know the difference unless you saw the occasional cheeseburger leave the grill.  (Yes, that was the sound of a dozen generations of Jewish bubbies rolling over in their graves.)

Our meal began with crispy cole slaw and pickles - both sour and half-sour.

I was craving a square, fried Coney Island knish.  But alas, since the fire at the Gabila factory a few weeks ago, there are none to be found.  Truly it's frustrating.  And their home made baked knishes (like my grandma used to make) just didn't capture ny attention.

Drew orderd the chicken noodle soup, a flavorful broth full of thin noodles. Very satisfying.

Sandwiches are served on seedless rye.    Drew ordered tongue and I ordered pastrami.  Both were excellent -- meat neither too lean nor too fatty, sliced thin and served hot.  The sandwiches are not as overstuffed as you might find elsewhere, but they do satisfy.

In previous visits I've ordered the egg barley with mushroom and the kasha varnishkes; bith are excellent.  The potato pancakes look oh so tempting.

A soul-satisfying meal.  An authentic Jewish deli experience.  We will be back.

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Suzanne said...

You only want the knish because you know they're in short supply.

Because I want one, too. ;)

songbird's crazy world said...

Short supply? How about non-existent? I'm dying . . .

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