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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Carvahlos revisited

Loved this place the first time we tried it, so of course we had to go back.
Once again we had the rodizio.  Loved every juicy bite of the meat, enjoyed the sides.

But what really impressed me:  dessert

I seldom eat dessert, but since others at the table chose to order . . .

I tried something called natas-do-ceu, which the menu translates as "Heavenly Whites" but is more commonly known as "heavenly cream".  And aptly named.  This incredible concoction was served in a parfait glass.  The scrumptious white cream --the waiter said it was heavy cream whipped with egg whites -- was layered with cookie crumbs and I think there may have been a touch of cinnamon.  Light and sweet but not cloying, a perfect ending after such a robust meat meal.

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