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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Candlelight Diner

This used to be my "go to" diner, but with so many other good diners in the area, it had been awhile since I'd been there.  Until I found myself at the Candlelight on a recent Friday. It was already lunchtime, but we hadn't had breakfast, so we chose items from the breakfast menu.

I ordered the challah french toast.  2 light and fluffy slices of french toast.  The waitress brought a bowl of individually-wrapped pats of butter and syrup in a pour-your-own server.   Three perfectly crisped slices of bacon accompanied the dish.  (I wound up bringing one slice of french toast home. It reheated well in the microwave.)

Drew ordered Eggs Benedict.  He loved the poached eggs and the English muffin but felt the Hollandaise was a bit "off".  French fries were hot and crispy.  He also requested a side of breakfast sausage -- two very large links of sausage. 

Coffee was good, too.  Served with individual packages of half-and-half. 

Would we have breakfast there again?  Of course!

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