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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Growing up

Jen has a boyfriend.

She won't use the word "boyfriend" just yet.  In her worldview, "boyfriend" implies a level of commitment and exclusivity that she and Mike have not reached.  "He's not my boyfriend.  We've only been dating for two months."

To me that's a "boyfriend", but ok, whatever.

The bottom line is, she has some sort of romantic relationship with Mike.

It was not unexpected.  Jen is a pretty girl, she's smart, caring, funloving . . .Despite her lament that she's going to grow up to be a crazy cat lady, this is certainly not the first time she ever went out with a guy.
But there's something different this time.

Mike isn't a college student.  Mike is a grown up.  He's three years older than Jen, he owns a business, and he's obviously successful because he owns the house he lives in.

But then again, Jen is just shy of her 23rd birthday, and while she's still a student, it's grad school, and she has a full time job. 

I must confess, it's a bit scary to think of my daughter as an adult, and as a woman involved in an adult relationship.  I think it scares Jen, too.  Glad she's taking it slow.  Who knows where it will go?

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