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Monday, May 14, 2012

Worried, part 2

Dad is still in the hospital.  In theory he will be able to come home tomorrow.  But  I heard what the doctors said and I am concerned.

In theory he's supposed to come with us to Jen's graduation.  We plan to drive up to New England Saturday and attend graduation Sunday.  He really wants to be there.  Said he didn't want to ruin her graduation.  Also said he was amazed that he lived long enough to see a grandchild graduate from college.

I am afraid he won't be well enough to make the trip.

Last night I said to my mom "Plan A is that he recovers enough to make the trip.  But you need a Plan B."

If you had been at the hospital with us this weekend, if you had seen what I saw, how debilitated he was, you'd probably agree with me . . .Plan B is very likely.  I don't want my father to literally kill himself trying to go to the graduation.

I'm supposed to be happy now, I have a chikd about to graduate from college.  But part of me is very sad and very worried.

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MJ said...

Prayers coming your way. I hope he turns a corner and is able to safely go to her graduation.

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