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Saturday, May 26, 2012


It's Friday night, the movie opened today, so in what has become a pattern we arrived at the movie theater early and stood on line waiting to go inside. Friends waiting to see Men In Black 3 tend to discuss upcoming movies like Batman and and make stupid jokes about Alien and Star Trek. I got to show off my Dunkin' Donuts app, the alien I captured on my tablet.

I'd seen the first two movies many times, and fully expected to enjoy this one as well. I was not disappointed. Will Smith's Agent J has to travel back to 1969, where he meets up with a younger version of Agent K -- Josh Brolin doing his Tommy Lee Jones impression. This being NYC in 1969, the New York Mets, Apollo 11 and even Andy Warhol figure into the plot. I'm old enough to remember that era, and it seemed realistic to me. Griffin reminded me of Robin Williams as Mork, just as innocent but not as frenetic. Loved the movie.

We ended up at Red Robin for dinner. Ironically the chain was founded in 1969, which I did not know until I saw the sign in the lobby. The place is very 21st century, though. They sent a text message to my cell phone when our table was ready. The emphasis here is hamburger -- pink (medium) or no pink (well done). One of the members of our group ordered chicken instead because they would not serve her a rare hamburger -- company policy. We started our meal with the "pick any two" appetizer - we ordered onion rings (which came with chipotle sauce) and cheese sticks (marinara sauce). Just enough food for four people. I ordered a classic bacon cheeseburger, which was served with huge steak fries. Brought half of it home, it was good but huge. . .Staff was very attentive, refilled our glasses before we asked. Much improved since the last time we were here.

Overall another successful evening. Red Robin on Urbanspoon

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