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Thursday, May 31, 2012

I sit and watch him sleep

This story began 3 weeks ago, when my dad was rushed to the ER.  Four days in one hospital, then transferred to a second hospital.  Eight days in hospital number 2, and then to rehab.  He's weak, he's debilitated, he's despondent.  There are a myriad of problems.  Resolve one issue and another condition pops up.  Bottom line, he's 85 years old.

We -- my whole crazy mixed up family -- are spending so much time here, seeing to his comfort, trying to cheer him.

I came here straight from work tonight, got off the train and drove straight here.  He was sleeping.  I stayed anyhow.  He woke up a short time later.  His mood is more upbeat today, the doctor solved one of his problems. 

It's so hard.  


MJ said...

my heart hurts for you. I hope for peace for all of you.

Suzanne said...

I'm sorry. There is really no simple answer to this situation. It sucks, and I wish you comfort through the days ahead.

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