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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

So it's official

We had a beautiful day for graduation, warm and sunny.  Jen's entourage met up at the school.  We sat on the quad, behind the graduates, so it was hard to see the podium. But we did manage to get a few pictures and some video of the proceedings.

Seeing my child in cap and gown, hearing her name called as she received her degree . . .how fast she has grown up!  I was in tears.

Afterwards we headed back to Jen's house, where she and her housemates had planned a party. We enjoyed burgers and hot dogs and fried chicken, salads and fruit and cheese.  Later there was a champagne toast and cake, of course.

My parents watched the graduation over the web, my sister H brought the computer to dad's hospital room.

And on Monday Jen came to the hospital wearing her mortarboard so that her grandpa could see the graduate.

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