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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Chinese food!

Jani on Urbanspoon Jani is our neighborhood place, our go-to place when we want a sit-down dinner. I love the teapot collection -- glass display cases surround the room, showing off beautiful ceramic teapots. No two are alike. Your meal starts with crispy noodles, duck sauce and sinus- clearing mustard. Hot tea accompanies your meal, and my water glass was never left empty. Tonight we enjoyed steamed pork dumplings in a delicate sauce. Best dumplings I've had this side of Chinatown. Our staples here are crispy shrimp with walnuts (large fried shrimp in a sweet brown sauce) and Peking beef - chunks of meat in hoisin sauce wrapped in a delicate pancake (we refer to it as a Chinese burrito). And your choice of white or brown rice. The meal ends with fortune cookies, orange segments and chunks of pineapple. Love the fruit!

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