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Friday, May 1, 2009

what went into the dorm room last September

must come home again now that it's may.

Drew and I are headed up to the campus this weekend, we drive up tomorrow and come back Sunday. We'll pack up most of Jen's belongings, leave her there with just the bare necessities. Her last exam is Tuesday, and she's coming home as soon as it's over.

I cannot believe how quickly her first year of college flew by.

More importantly, I cannot believe how much college has changed her.

she's focused now, determined to reach her goal. She's poised and confident and capable and oh-so-mature.the other day I simply had to tell her how proud I am of all she's accomplished and all she is becoming.

Yes, i am getting a little teary-eyed right now, and "sunrise, sunset" is playing in my cliche, but so true.

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Joyce-Anne said...

A whole year already?! It can't be! Yet, it's nice to hear she's focused and is going after her goals. It took my nephew 2 years of college to decide what he wanted to do and finally is working toward his goals.

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