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Monday, May 18, 2009

random bits of news

(1) Just as I got used ot having Jen away at school, the school year is over, and now I'm readjusting to having her home for the summer.

(2) One of Becca's jobs as president of the Spanish club was to give a speech at tonight's induction into the Spanish Honor Society. She had to make that speech in Spanish.

(3) Jen had the pleasure of judging this year's tryouts for the high school cheerleading team. Go Colts!

(4) I had to make another presentation in synagogue last Saturday, this time for a bat mitzvah. I am actually starting to feel comfortable addressing the congregation from the bima.

(5) Becca and I went to a college admission event yesterday and we're going to another one on the 27th. She thinks she knows where she'd like to apply "early decision", though that may change as we get closer to the fall.

(6) Tomorrow is the local school board election. It occurred to me tonight that Jen is registered to vote and can actually vote for the very first time.

(7) I loved the new Star Trek movie. I nodded with recognition as the characters developed. Loved Nimoy's cameo. Loved the "explanation" of why things are different.

(8) Also liked Angels and Demons. Not as good as the book,of course, but fast paced and exciting and better than The DaVinci Code.

(9) I can't believe how cold and miserable the weather was today. It's the middle of May, not the end of October, for crying out loud!

and finally:

(10) Sometimes I hate being proven right.Back in February we ordered Fios from Verizon, bundled our internet, phone and TV. We have underground utility lines, and when Verizon installed our service they told us the ground was too frozen and they couldn't bury the line. They said they'd be back in the spring to bury the cable. In
april I called Verizon and said "Please come bury the line, before my lawn service stars cutting my grass. I'd hate to see the lawn service cut my Verizon cable." My lawn service mowed the grass on Saturday -- our Verizon services were out of commission until the repair tech showed up on Sunday to splice the cut cable back together. told us "this line should have been buried a long time ago." Ya think?

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