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Thursday, May 21, 2009

I am bereft

my daughters' pediatrician sent out a letter last week that he had closed his practice. this came from out of the blue, when we were at his office just six weeks ago there wasn't a hint that he might close up shop. he didn't sell his practice to another doctor, he simply closed his doors and sent a letter to his patients after the fact. he's still a fairly young man, in his 50's, so i have to assume something bad happened...

I met this doctor the day Jen was born. he's the only pediatrician my girls ever saw. he's the one who was there on the worst day of my life, when Becca was five months old and had such a bad case of bronchiolitis I thought....well, he kept me calm that day, got me her through it.... my daughters are 18 1/2 and almost 17,the last time we saw him, he said he'd continue to treat them until they graduated from college. guess they have to graduate to an "adult" doctor now.

I will miss his kindness and compassion, his calming presence,his good advice, his interest in teh whole patient, not just the illness.

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