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Thursday, May 14, 2009

23 days until Relay for Life

This will be the third year that our school district will hold a Relay for Life.

Our first Relay, in 2007, was a huge success. We camped out at the high school all night, raised a huge amount of money for the American Cancer Society.

It rained last year, and most Long Island Relays were cancelled. We held ours in the high school gym (it ended at midnight) and raised a ton of money. They lined up the luminaria on the bleachers, spelling out the words "hope" and "cure". (click on photos to enlarge -- some day I'll learn how to resize photos to fit the blog).

you can donate in my name here.


Grandy said...

I have participated in our local
R4L for 8 years now.

Good luck at your event. It's a wonderful cause!! :)

Joyce-Anne said...

Good luck!!!

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