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Wednesday, March 4, 2009


oh happy day!!!

the new laptop has arrived. I am overjoyed to have a laptop that weighs half of what my dinosaur weighed, with nifty new gadgets like wifi and a webcam, especially since we set up a wireless network at home when we got Fios.

I have felt adrift since the dinosaur keeled over. I mean, I can connect to the net through my voyager...but as great as the phone is, its limitations are also readily apparent.

life is good.


Suzanne said...


I broke in my webcam at a Blogoversary party Sunday night. :)

You will LOVE wifi, especially in the summer when you want to sit outside. I'm hoping your router is situated so you can enjoy doing this.

Grandy said...

RIGHT ON!!! YAY Lappy Toppy!!! I haven't ventured into even trying my webcam, and I don't even want to know what Suzanne did to hers. ;)

Congrats on the new toy!!!

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