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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

sigh...when do you let your kids handle their own problems and when do you intervene?

this afternoon Becca sent me a text, she HAD to talk to me about one of her teachers. so we talked when I came home this evening.

without going into details...she had a personality conflict with the teacher, and I agreed with her that the teacher's behavior towards her ... what should have been a private matter between Becca and the teacher became very public, the teacher said something to Becca in front of the entire class...and the teacher didn't have her facts straight...

at first I was going to call the teacher myself....but for now, she wants to talk to her guidance counselor and the teacher tomorrow, take control of the issue herself.

I'm proud of her for dealing with it herself, but I'm starting to feel a bit obsolete.


Grandy said...

NOT obsolete!! Remember, she texted you for your input right away! Be proud, lovely lady! BE PROUD!! :)

songbird's crazy world said...

I am proud of her. She decided to talk to her teacher and guidance counselor to get this matter resolved.

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