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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

another this and that

Jen and Becca are headed to Walt Disney World on Thursday.  They've got a very nice trip planned, just the two of them.   At our Mother's Day dinner, we were reminiscing about the trips we took to Disney when the girls were little, and Becca put on the Minnie Mouse costume I'd bought for her when she was 8.  Yes, she could still get into the costume, but it does fit a bit differently now...

And she's decided to make a birthday party for herself.  She'll be 25 in July.  She was planning a vacation with her now-ex boyfriend to celebrate the milestone, but now she'l celebrate with all of her friends at some NYC bar.  I'm glad she has a lot of friends who want to celebrate with her.  And who knows, maybe by then she'll be on to her next romance.

Jen is winding down the school year.  She doesn't want to go back in September, but she doesn't have a different job/career in mind either. I've urged her to talk to the career counseling people at her college, I'm sure they have lots of resources for alums.

In the never-ending saga of my health woes, I'm trying to schedule an MRI of my knee.  Seems that losing weight and becoming more active has its own host of problems.  A sports injury!!!!!  My knee is a casualty of my weight loss efforts.

Though to be honest,   I'm not happy with my weight loss situation.  I weigh the same as I did 6 months ago, by now I'd hoped to have lost a bit more...But we went on the cruise in October, and I gained weight.  Lost the weight I gained just in time for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Gained weight over the holidays, lost what I'd gained just in time for my birthday in February.  Lost the weight I'd gained celebrating my birthday just in time for Passover and our trip to Philadelphia.  See a pattern here?   Well, I over-indulged on Mother's Day, but now that summer is coming, I'm going to focus my efforts again.  I'd like to lose 8 pounds by Labor Day.  A modest goal.  Wish me luck.

I am finding it a bit difficult to believe that summer is coming.  It's been unseasonably cool for mid-May.  But Memorial Day weekend is just 10 days away, the official start of the summer season will soon be here.  As I mentioned last week, Drew is already preparing for his annual Memorial Day barbecue.

Summer, I think, is my favorite time of year, so full of promise.

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