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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Miss Sloane (spoilers)

Well, you kind of knew I'd be seeing a political thriller sooner or later.

Miss Sloane is about a very successful lobbyist in a top Washington firm, who is asked to lobby for the gun industry.  Instead, she quits her job and takes a position with a boutique firm seeking to support gun control legislation.  The ensuing battle between Miss Sloane and her former colleagues involves strategy, intrigue and backstabbing, morality and ethics and questions of where to draw the line between the personal and the professional.

Sloane is a smart, ambitious, overachiever who is always one step ahead.  Even her own staff is never fully apprised of the next step. She is also neurotic, addicted to little white pills, and on a course of self destruction.  She is all about "winning" at any cost, even to the point of alienating those around her.

Ultimately Sloane's tactics result in charges against her, and a Senate committee hearing into her allegedly unethical operations.

Of course, there is a twist ending.

Well done film, definitely worth seeing.

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