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Saturday, December 24, 2016

Happy Hanukkah

Hanukkah, a minor Jewish holiday, a festival of freedom (Definition of a Jewish holiday:  they tried to kill us, we won, let's eat.)  Candles in the menorah, latkes, dreidels, jelly donuts, presents, family gatherings.  Judah Maccabee and the miracle of the oil.

Hanukkah is an 8 day holiday beginning on the 25th day of Kislev in the Hebrew calendar.  Because the Hebrew calendar is a lunar calendar, Hanukkah can begin as early as the last week of November or as late  as the end of December, or any time in between.

This year the first night of Hanukkah coincides with Christmas Eve. 

Our December 25 dilemma:  Chinese food or latkes?

Yes, I know, it's a stereotype that Jews eat Chinese food for Christmas.  But it's a stereotype based in reality.  Drew and I and a group of our friends go out for Chinese food every year on Christmas Day.

Wasn't it only a few years ago -- 2013 to be precise --  that Hanukkah coincided with Thanksgiving, and we all bought a "menurkey" -- a Hanukkah menorah shaped like a turkey -- to celebrate the two holidays?

This year I've got a more traditional menorah, and blue and white candles to go with it.

The last night of Hanukkah coincides with New Year's Eve. We're going out with a group of friends. I've got dreidels and gelt (chocolate coins) for the whole gang.  Champagne and chocolate, not a bad combination.

I'm looking forward to a fun holiday.

Whatever holiday(s) you may be celebrating this season, I wish you joy and peace and love.


peppylady (Dora) said...

Bless Hanukkah and enjoy your self.

bookworm said...

No latkes yet...two nights of Christmas food. But tomorrow for sure! Happy Hanukkah, Songbird. Alana

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