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Saturday, October 1, 2016

October baseball?

Well, the Mets still have playoff hopes.

But the Ducks?  Sadly, their season is over.

Last night, Drew and I and 3300 other crazy lunatics loyal fans braved the cold, wet weather to see game three of the championship series against the Skeeters.  The Ducks lost the first two games in Texas, so last night was a "must win".  And while they played well, and kept it exciting all he way to the bottom of the 9th, in the end they just couldn't pull off another upset. Congrats to the Skeeters, the 2016 league champs.

Well, now I have three 2016 rally towels.  Drew has the foul ball he caught last week ( a boyhood dream fulfilled).  And Drew won the 50-50 raffle last night, $151 that he is going to enjoy spending.

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