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Sunday, October 16, 2016

A sea of pink

They say if you make it past 5 years, you'll be OK.  But that's not really true.  the scars may heal, the emotional baggage may be boxed up and packed away in the far recesses of your mind, but you're never going to be OK again.  Your body betrayed you...will it betray you again?

It will be 12 years in January, 12 years since the phone call that changed my life.  My doctor's voice was shaking when she told me...pathology report...biopsy...cancer...oncologist.  A year of

That's why Making Strides Against Breast Cancer is so important to me. I didn't have breast cancer, mine was elsewhere, but I got amazing support from the American Cancer Society throughout my ordeal.

I'd originally planned to walk this year, but about a week ago I was asked to be a volunteer at the registration tent.    So there I was, at 6:30 this morning, shivering under a tent in the Jones beach parking lot.  Most of the registration is done on line, of course, but we are there to check people in and collect any cash or checks they may have brought with them.

Some friends of mine usually work the registration tent, and they usually go out to lucnh afterwards.  But for some reason neither of them was at the walk this year.  So when I was no longer needed in the registration tent, I decided to make my Fitbit happy.

The route runs from Field 5 to the very western end of the boardwalk at West End 1, and back again.   My usual route, when I walk for myself, is from Field 6 (the easternmost field) to west End 1, so I knew I'd be able to do the walk without a problem.  It's been a few weeks, though, so I am a little sore now.

But today's walk is so different from the usual...all those people...teams from offices and hospitals, school groups, individuals, most in pink in support of the cause.  I spotted pink tutus, boas, angel wings....and that was on men!

A wonderful morning.  Can't wait to do it again next year.

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