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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Update on my employed daughter

Last I told you, Jen had lined up a job at a preschool, for less money than she made at the nursery school last year.

How things have turned around!  She got a job as a para professional at an elementary school in our district, working one-on-one with a special needs student.  Pay is better than what she earned last year, and she gets benefits.  Her student is in a 5th grade special ed class, where about half of the students have a para working with them.    The special education coordinator called her for an interview just a few days before school began, and hired her at the interview.  My guess is that before the interview the coordinator spoke to the administrators at the high school, who know Jen in two capacities -- as a former student and as a current cheer leading coach on the district's payroll. 

Speaking of cheer leading -- last year Jen was hired as junior varsity coach.  The varsity coach was a friend of Jen's from when Jen was on the cheer team.  Jen's friend quit just a few days before school started, so right now Jen is coaching both squads.  Ultimately Jen will be the varsity coach and the school will hire someone else for jv.   There's a lot of drama right now with the varsity girls and the former coach, but it will settle down soon.

And she's taking two classes towards her master's.  In fact, she's carpooling to the university -- with my sister!  H is taking a master's in public health administration.

So all the anxiety I had about Jen a few weeks ago...the girl woman seems to have gotten her act together.

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