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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

room mate issues!

Drew and Marc are friends, they wound up living together in a Felix Unger/Oscar Madison/Odd Couple sort of scenario.  They're listed as the two tenants of the house.

Over the years they've rented out the extra bedroom to a series of room mates.    The current room mate, S, is a man in his 50's, an aging hippie type, a nice enough guy who is hardly ever home.  Not a problem.

Some of his friends, though ...

I have my "home office" at Drew's house.  Works better than in my own lunatic asylum.  I was here alone a few weeks ago when the door bell rang.  It was a woman,  in her 40's or 50's, casually dressed in jeans and a hoodie, with an obviously runny nose.   "Does S still live here?  I'm J.  I was away for awhile but I'm back now.  He does live here?  good.  Let me leave him a note so he can call me."

I was sitting in my office yesterday when J walked into the room.  Same jeans, same hoodie, same runny nose. "I'm a friend of S, I'm J, can I use your phone?"

After she made the call, she asked me if I'd give her a ride home.  I'm working in my office, you don't even know my name, but you're asking me to give you a ride?   Something about her was "not right", for some reason I didn't think she had the money to take the bus,  and I didn't want her in the house all day, so I decided to give her a ride.   20 minutes of my time in the middle of the work day.

When she got into my car, I noticed that she smelled like a distillery.  Clearly an alcoholic.  And the runny nose -- she might be suffering from a cold or allergies, but more likely ...

I was so happy when she got out of my car. 

Later, Marc and Drew filled me in.  J arrived at their house the previous night, drunk and hysterical and looking for S.  She was driving someone else's car, it sounded like the other guy abandoned her and the car, and she and S would up returning the car to the guy -- I don't know who drove, I know S doesn't have a license anymore and I don't think J has a license either.  In the morning she  totally trashed the upstairs bathroom, and Marc had to clean up after her.

And what Marc didn't initially realize...J was here about 5 years ago, when Marc was still being prescribed heavy-duty pain killers for his broken arm.  Apparently she took money and pills from Marc's room.

Drew and Marc and S had a little discussion last night.  J won't be back.

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