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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Ayhan's again

 Hummus.  Babaganoush.  Tzatziki.  Moussaka. Kebab.  If those words conjure up a slice of heaven, welcome to Ayan's Shish Kebab Restaurant.

Ayhan Hassan came to this country from his native Cyprus a few decades ago, and founded a chain of Long Island restaurants that ...well, Ayhan's Mediterranean Restaurants  offer some of the best Greek and Turkish food on the Island.  My favorite location is the original, in Port Washington, with its charming view of the harbor.  But that's a bit of a hike for us.  The Westbury location is a relatively small restaurant  decorated to resemble a Greek fishing village -- complete with classical statuary.

From the moment I am served that wonderful, soft Turkish bread with the garlicky tzatziki dip, I am in heaven.  Saganaki  was served as a dip with chips -- I just love melted cheese.  I wasn't fond of the Greek salad this time around, too much vinegar in the dressing.

Main course -- the five kebob sampler.  Tender lamb, juicy chicken, filet mignon, gyro meat and a kofte chopped steak kebab (an interesting combo of lamb and beef with Greek spices), served with rice pilaf and peas.  Heaven.

I have never had dessert in any of Ayhan's restaurants, by the time we finish the bread, the appetizer and the salad, there's ahrdly room for the main course.

Yes, I am definitely a fan.  I've been eating Greek and Turkish food since before it became popular -- Drew's mother was a Sephardic Jew whose parents were raised in Greece and Turkey, so this food is part of his ethnic heritage.  And Ayhan's is among the best I've had.

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