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Friday, August 9, 2013

I forget sometimes

My office is in Jersey City, on the waterfront.  I look out the window and I see the new One World Trade Center rising above lower Manhattan.  My commute often takes me through the Trade Center.

I subconsciously note the progress made in building that magnificent tower, and I move on.  It's become part of my landscape.

But last week, as we were driving in the truck . . . As you come over the Veranzaro Bridge to Brooklyn and get onto the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway, there's a moment when lower Manhattan looms before you, the shining tower of One World Trade Center dominating the skyline.

And Drew was looking at the tower as if he'd never seen it before.

And then I realized:  He'd never seen it before.

He has no reason to be in lower Manhattan these days, or any of the areas that have a view of downtown.  Sure, we go to the theater, but the Theater District is midtown.

So manypeople haven't seen the new tower in all its glory. 

Here are two pictures I took last summer.  The first was from Jersey City, when the Disney cruise ship was sailing by.  the second was from my little excursion on the Staten Island Ferry.


Now this photo I need to explain. I took it about a month ago, from Jersey City. the two rubber ducks in the foreground are "Boston Strong" ducks.  It's a facebook thing to show solidarity with Boston after the Marathon bombing last spring.    Bet you can't figure out why I posed my ducks in front of the World Trade Center....


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