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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Civil War

So we're in Virginia, driving up towards Fredericksburg, and we see a sign:  Stonewall Jackson Shrine.

You know we are history buffs.  And Drew loves the Civik War.

So of course we had to stop.

It was late in the day and the museum was closed,  but we were able to see the outdoot exhibits.

Last night we stayed at the Candlewood Suites in Fredericksburg.  Ate at Steak N Shake -- good food, mediocre service.

Today we took a break from driving, and instead we decided to spend more time exploring Civil War battlefields.  The National Parks Service runs the Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania Military Park, which is made up of four battlefields that were significant during the Civil War.  Fredericksburg, in 1862, was a decisive Confederate victory, but when Union troops destroyed the town, the tone of the war changed.  Chancellorsville, in 1863, where Lee won the battle but lost Stonewall Jackson.   Wilderness and Spotsylvania Court House, 1864 stalemates that ultimately lead to Grant's success at Richmond and later Appomattox.

The best part of tour -- the visitor's center at Fredericksburg and the one at Chancellorsville.  Interesting films and good collections of artifacts.  I would have liked to have taken the walking tour with the park ranger in Fredericksburg, but it was raining the whole time we were there.  We didn't buy the CD you can play as you tour the battlefields -- no CD player -- but there's not much to see on the battlefields.  Lovely drive/walk through the woods.  I'd skip Wilderness and Spotsylvania next time.

Then back on the road, and right into rush hour traffic.  We planned to go past Baltimore before stopping, but the traffic. . .
We stopped in Jessup, at the Sleep Inn.  Ate at a Mexican chain, Don Pablo.

Tomorrow we head home.

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