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Thursday, August 8, 2013

bubba meinster

My grandfather, Harry, came from a part of Poland that was under Russian control.  He wasn't able to get a visa to enter the US, so he went to Canada, then came to the US under the Canadian quota.

My grandmother didn't speak about him much, he died when my mother was still a child.  So I don't know where they met, etc.  But I do know that after they got engaged, Harry was reluctant to set a date.  Ultimately they wound up at City Hall, with two of Harry's cousins as witnesses. 

My grandmother acknowledged that she lied about her age on the marriage license, because she didn't want the cousins to know how old she really was.

My great grandfather wouldn't let her live with Harry, though, until they had a religious ceremony.  That happened about a month later.

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