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Monday, February 25, 2013


And in yet another "birthday" celebration....

We got together with a group of friends at Minado.

This is a Japanese buffet.  Somewhat on the pricy side, but well worth it. 

They feature sushi, fresh seafood and many cooked dishes.  Great for our group, since some of us love sushi and some of us (like Drew) would never order it. 

Be forewarned -- if you order hot tea, it's green tea.  I like green tea, but Drew prefers Chinese tea.

Of course I had to start with the sushi and sashemi.  So many choices!  Including items you might not usually see on a buffet, such as smelt roe.  The spicy mayonnaise was perfect - just enough "bite" without overwhelming the delicate flavors of the fish.

I wasn't particularly impressed with the salads, but one friend raves about the mango salad.  None of us tried the soup or udon noodles.

There were about four different types of dumplings.  Very light and delicate.

Loved the tempura and the coconut shrimp, bbq ribs were ok, but the best cooked dish of the night was the beef teriyaki.  The beef was so tender...

Desserts -- in an Asian buffet they tend to taste...well. like cardboard.  Not here.  They offer a variety of fruits, small squares of cake, soft serve ice cream...friends raved about the green tea ice cream, but I don't care for cold tea.  Loved the red velvet cake squares and the oreo cake squares. 

 Overall another great dinner.

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