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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Belated birthday bash

There is a small group of friends, we get together for dinner whenever one of us is celebrating a birthday. Well, we missed a few birthdays last fall, so today the group got together for a belated birthday bash.

To Fu has been here in Commack for as long as I can remember, but until today I never ventured inside.

You don't expect a huge crowd at 3 pm on Super Bowl Sunday, but we were the only customers in the place. The staff hovered a bit too much.

Let me preface my comments with the statement that everyone else seemed to like this place, but I was a bit disappointed. The fried noodles tasted a bit stale. Won ton soup was ok. I ordered a "house box" which contained three fried dumplings (would have preferred steamed), a California roll, house salad with ginger dressing (gave that to Drew, I don't like ginger dressing), white rice and my entree, sesame chicken. Most places bread and fry the chicken, but here the chicken was fried without breading, and it was overcooked and dry. Sauce was ok though.

We were going to order ice crean for dessert, but the room was so cold . . .

I didn't hate the place. But I just didn't like it. You can get much better food elsewhere.
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