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Sunday, February 24, 2013


Some day I will actually eat here in the summer, when you can sit on the dock and enjoy the harbor view.  I've only been here in the dead of winter.  We come here every February so that Drew can enjoy a lobster for his birthday.

The place is large, almost cavernous, with dark wood decor.  Service is impeccable.

The lobster bisque is, I think, the best we've every had on Long Island.  Smooth  and creamy, with nice chunks of lobster and just enough cayenne pepper to give it some bite.  Drew had a whole lobster, 1 1/2 pounds, which was served with an ear of corn.  I ordered shrimp with linguini in a plum tomato sauce.  Very nice, mellow dish -- I brought half of it home.

Small complaint about the bread basket.  It's artisan bread, heavy crust.  Ours was reheated so long that it was impossible to get through the crust to the soft interior.  The second batch they brought was better, but still hard to break apart.

No room for dessert, as usual. 

Overall a nice dinner.

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