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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

More crazy, mixed up family stuff

Rolling my eyes at my sisters. 

They seems to think I'm the crazy one.

Stupid domestic issues that have become all-encompassing.

Example --

Jen is 22, a college graduate, and majorly underemployed. All of her money goes to her car and grad school tuition.  I've been helping her out a lot with other things.   At the beginning of the winter Jen went shopping with my sister A and found a winter coat.  Jen  asked me to pay for the coat and I agreed.  A short time later my sister found a second coat for Jen, whipped out my mother's credit card and bought the coat.  The other night my mother said to me "A laid out money for Jen for that coat, when are you going to pay her back?" 

So you bought something for my adult daughter.  Something lovely and useful, but not necessarily something she needed.  You didn't ask me if I would pay for it before you bought it.  You didn't ask me to pay for it after you bought it.  You just expected me to pay for it because Jen is my daughter, I am "responsible for her" and my mother "shouldn't have to pay for [my] children".

Did you think that because I agreed to pay for one coat I should be expected to pay for another?

But I am the one engaged is sophistry?  Or as F said, "sopicism".

Yes, my dear sister is now Mrs. Malaprop.

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