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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Sandy update

Anyone who thinks climate change isn't real needs a good, swift kick in the pants.

Yesterday we got a nor'easter.  Still dealing with power outages, gas shortages, modified public transportation from the hurricane, and now we get snow?  And the prediction is temperatures will climb up to the 60's by the weekend.  What's next, blood, frogs, pestilence?

The good news is that I have now joined the ranks of the telecommuters.  I suspect my desk has already been given to a displaced worker from our NYC office.

I felt bad for Jen last night.  She was supposed to have a romantic dinner with her boyfriend for her birthday.  Instead she got stuck in the house with us due to the storm.  Somehow takeout with your mom isn't quite the same . . .

But considering how others have more serious issues . . .there are still people in this neighborhood without electricity, having lost it during Sandy.

Mother Nature, we have had enough . . .

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