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Monday, November 12, 2012

Hospital waiting room

Drew is having surgery as I write this.    It's a planned procedure, he was supposed to have it Octiber 29 but a little thing called Sandy intervened.  He's going to spend two days in the hospital and then 4 weeks recovering at home.

Modern hospital waiting room -- flat screen tv, vending machines, free wifi.  And a computerized tracking board that will tell me when he's out of OR and in the recovery room.  So that when the courtsey phone rings I'll know whether it may be Drew's doctor calling.

Meanwhile it's tv and Facebook.

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Suzanne said...

Hope everything goes well. Tampa General has a similar system: my gyn actually 'bumped' iPhones with Ed when I had surgery 3 years ago-he called him as soon as I got out of surgery!

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