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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Sandy update

I write this from Drew's house.  He has electricity and heat!  No cable/phone/internet, but it's warm and cozy.  We watched a movie on the DVD player last night.

Still no power at my house.  (Yes I bailed on my parents.). F and A are there, and H came out yesterday to spend time.  Her apartment in Queens is unaffected by the storm.

Becca is at her apartment,  too.  Unaffected by the storm except for some cancelled classes.

Jen spent time at her boyfriend's house - he has a generator - but she's home now.  She may bail again later, it's cold.

And then there are the house guests.  H's best friend J, who we call family.  J's youngest son (he's 14), their dog, cat and bunny.  Not sure, but I think her 22 year old may be joining the party.  Her middle son is away at college.  J lives on the south shore.  Two houses away from a canal.  At the height of the storm she had three feet of water in her house.   Her new reality includes insurance adjusters and FEMA. As soon as she can get them on the phone, that is.

Schools around here will be closed all week.  My office remains inaccessible.   Public transit is only partially restored, and the governor ordered them to not collect fares.

This is unprecedented in the NY Metro area.

But on a brighter note - the kids still had Halloween. In New Jersey it was postponed until Saturday.  But here on Long Island we had trick or treat as usual.

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