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Saturday, November 24, 2012


Reinwald's Bakery on Urbanspoon Absolutely my favorite bakery. Every special occasion in our house is celebrated with cake and/or other treats from Reinwald's. Our order for Thanksgiving this year included strawberry shortcake, blackout cake, cupcakes with turkey decorations, cookies decorated with Thanksgiving themes, lace cookies and two loaves of bread. Heaven. Other favorites include raspberry mousse cake and Oreo cake.

I always drive very, very carefully with a Reinwald's cake in my car. Funny story about a Reinwald's cake. Years ago, when Jen was a tween, I booked her birthday party at a venue that did not provide cake. So I ordered a sheet cake from Reinwald's. Had it decorated just the way she wanted it. I drove from the bakery to the party venue as if my car was made of eggshells. I handed the cake to the young lady who was serving the food. The venue had a small refrigerator, about 4 1/2 feet tall, in the back room. She placed the cake, still in the bakery box, on top of the refrigerator. Later, when she went to get soda out of tge refrigerator, the cakebox fell, landing face down on the floor. The whipped cream and decorations all smeared. Cake was still edible, but not very pretty. We had to bring Jen into the back room abd show her what happened. If we had "surprised" her with the messy cake she would have freaked. We can laugh about it now . . .

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