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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Bond and a burger

So last night a group of us saw Skyfall, the newest edition to the world of James Bond. After 50 years of Bond movies, the audience is very familiar with certain elements of the plot. There will be exotic locales, lots of action, interesting gadgets, glamor, witty remarks, sexual encounters, and of course a martini or two (shaken, not stirred). This movie has all of that, and a great theme song performed by Adele. It's also grittier and more human than a lot of Bond films. Our hero has weaknesses and emotions about his past, things you'd never have seen in a Sean Connery or Roger Moore incarnation.

Afterwards we wound up at the Broadway Diner, which is our "go-to" diner these days. Very happy with our waitress. Since we all ordered burgers ir sandwiches, she brought out a huge bowl of cole slaw and a plate full of pickles. Yum. She forgot to order bacon for one of the cheeseburgers, but ran back to the kitchen to get some bacon to make it right. Their burgers are wonderful, lots of choices. The cheeseburger deluxe comes with American cheese, but you can swap in cheddar, swiss, mozzarella . . . The Mexican burger comes with avocado and sides of guacamole and salsa. There are pizza burgers, burgers made wuth Angus beef . . .lots of choices. But last night I was not in a burger mood (hard to belueve, I know). Ordered a tuna salad sandwich. They use chunk light, not solid white albacore, and yes I can taste the difference. Won't order it again. Maybe next time I'll try the chicken salad. Or the shrimp salad. Or maybe I'll just stick with a burger. Broadway Diner on Urbanspoon

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