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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Spring break

So both girls are home for spring break.  And as our family rituals change and evolve, tonight I found myself in Applebees with Drew and our children.

Once again I watch Jen nonchalantly order a drink from the bar - my child is all grown up, or so she thinks.

The conversation focuses on the girls, of course.  Jen tells me about midterms -- she's loving History of Jazz and thinks philosophy is gibberish.  Becca rattles off facts about Martin Luther and Franciscans and Domenicans and Jesuits -- she goes to a Catholic University.

Becca is moving off campus next year and has to buy furniture.

Jen has six different ideas about what she wants to do after graduation.  But we can't talk about graduation itself.  Jen doesn't like change.   She's excited but also scared.

Drew calls his sister and the girls wish their aunt a happy birthday.

Overall, a pleasant, stress-free evening.

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